2 October 2022


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School staff negligently leaves behind 7-year-old girl locked in Uttar Pradesh for 18 hours.

"She was discovered this morning when the school doors opened. The girl is all right," as per the BEO.

Ankur Chatterjee: A seven-year-old girl, in Uttar Pradesh’s Sambhal, was locked in a school for 18 hours after the teachers and staff left the school premises without checking to see whether any children were left behind.

The incident was only discovered when the school resumed on Wednesday morning.

According to Block Education Officer Pope Singh, a Class 1 pupil at Dhanari Patti Primary School in Gunnaur Tehsil was left locked behind after the school hours on Tuesday.

“She was discovered this morning when the school doors opened. The girl is all right,” as per the BEO.

Her maternal uncle stated that when the girl did not return home after school on Tuesday, her grandmother went to the school only to be informed that there were no children remaining inside .

The family looked for her in the woods, but she was nowhere to be seen. When the school reopened at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, it was discovered that the girl had been locked inside the classroom overnight.

According to Block Education Officer Singh, teachers and other staff members did not inspect the rooms after school hours. “It is a case of utter negligence,” he concluded, “and action will be taken against the entire team”. 

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