2 October 2022


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Congress is finished; AAP is alternative to BJP:  Kejriwal

Mr. Kejriwal has positioned AAP as the major rival of the BJP, as opposed to the Congress.

Ankur Chatterjee: In response to an assertion made by the Congress, Arvind Kejriwal stated today in Gujarat, “The Congress is finished.”

The Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief was addressing media questions while speaking at a town hall meeting with sanitation workers in Gujarat.

A reporter asked him to comment to the Congress’ allegation that the AAP administration in Punjab is spending lakhs on advertisements for Gujarat despite the fact that the state is on the edge of bankruptcy and has no money to pay salaries to state employees.

“Who asked this question?” Kejriwal asked the reporter. When told it was a claim made by a Congress leader, he retorted, “The Congress is finished. Stop answering their questions. People are clear about this. Nobody cares about their aspersions.”

Mr. Kejriwal has positioned AAP as the major rival of the BJP, as opposed to the Congress. He has urged people not to squander their ballots on Congress, claiming that the party is in no position to win.

“There are people in the state who don’t want BJP control and don’t enjoy voting for the Congress; we have to acquire their votes because we are the only alternative to the BJP in the state,” he told his party.

At today’s gathering, Mr Kejriwal was also questioned on the BJP’s claim that he wants to appoint activist Medha Patkar as Gujarat Chief Minister.

“Please tell them Kejriwal has said that the BJP is planning to bring in Sonia Gandhi as Prime Minister after Narendra Modi,” Mr Kejriwal replied.

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