2 October 2022


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Salman Khan moves court against defamatory and communally provocative videos produced by neighbour

Mr Khan had requested that the court orders Mr Kakkad to remove the defamatory videos and to further refrain from making such comments in the future.

Ankur Chatterjee: Salman Khan told the Bombay High Court on Friday that videos uploaded about him on social media by his Panvel farmhouse neighbour Ketan Kakkad were not just defamatory, but also communally provocative.

A single bench of Justice C V Bhadang was hearing Mr Khan’s appeal against a March 2022 civil court ruling refusing to award him relief in a defamation claim he had filed against Kakkad.

The complaint was launched against Mr Kakkad in relation to footage he posted on social media exposing the actor’s purported activities at his Panvel estate.

Mr Khan had requested that the court orders Mr Kakkad to remove the defamatory videos and to further refrain from making such comments in the future.

When the civil court refused to issue such an order, the actor petitioned the Supreme Court.

Mr Khan’s counsel, Ravi Kadam, claimed on Friday that the civil court misunderstood in refusing an injunction.

“Kakkad’s uploaded videos are blatantly hypothetical. They were not only libellous, but they also incited communal hostility toward Salman Khan “Mr. Kadam stated.

Reading from the scripts of the videos, Mr Kadam stated that Salman Khan’s neighbour, Mr Kakkad, had spoken how Mr Khan, a member of a minority community, was attempting to steal a Ganesha temple (in Panvel near his farmhouse).

“The defendant (Kakkad) compares Salman Khan to Babar and Aurangazeb in the video. He (Kakkad) claims that it took 500 years for the Ayodhya Mandir (temple) to be built, and now Salman Khan is attempting to close down a Ganesha temple “Mr. Kadam said.

“Millions of people watch these videos and then leave negative comments on Salman Khan. This is certainly inciting the viewers against Salman. The videos have communalized everything and turned it into a fight between Hindus and Muslims,” the senior counsel contended.

Mr Kakkad further claimed that Salman Khan was a member of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s group in a series of comments.

“Kakkad has claimed that Salman runs a drug trafficking, organ trafficking, and child trafficking enterprise from his farmhouse,” Kadam stated.

After hearing the short arguments in the case, the bench scheduled a hearing on August 22.

Mr Kakkad alleged before the lower court, through his lawyers Abha Singh and Aditya Singh, that the actor had launched a defamation suit to force him to give up his land.

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