2 October 2022


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BJP worker hacked to death in Karnataka by suspected PFI, SDP activists

In addition to efforts to apprehend the murderers, the state administration..

15 people have been detained for questioning by police, according to authorities, as six police teams search for the killers. Several teams have been dispatched to neighboring Keral, Madikeri, and Hassan.

Ankur Chatterjee: The murder of Praveen Nettaru, a local BJP worker and member of the BJP’s youth wing Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, has stunned everyone in Karnataka’s Kannada district.

The person was riding his motorcycle home from a poultry shop when he was ambushed by motorcycle-riding thugs.

When the residents of the town saw Nettaru bleeding on the ground, they phoned the police. The 32-year-old man was brought to the hospital, his clothes soaked in blood, where medics proclaimed him dead.

Six police teams have been formed to search out the killers, and 15 people have been detained for questioning, according to authorities. Three teams have been dispatched to neighbouring Kerala as well as Madikeri and Hassan.

Protests have erupted in Belleri and Sullia in response to the chilling murder. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad has declared a bandh. Hundreds of people gathered in the procession of his body to his home this morning. Some hindutva organizations have asserted that Nettaru’s murder was orchestrated by the Popular Front of India (PFI) and the Social Democratic Party of India (SDP).

Chief Minister of Karnataka Basavaraj S Bommai condemned the attack and in a message promised a prompt enquiry. He has stated that those responsible for the atrocious conduct will be apprehended and punished in accordance with the law.

Due to the high level of tension in the area, district police head Rushikesh Sonanay has imposed restrictions on public gatherings. “Three assailants arrived on a motorcycle. According to our research, the bike had a Kerala registration number. We’re looking through CCTV footage for leads,” he stated.

Home Minister Araga Jnanendra stated that the crime scene is near to the Kerala border and that police are in contact with the police of the neighbouring state in order to make progress in the investigation.

In addition to efforts to apprehend the murderers, the state administration is focusing on maintaining peace and order, he said. “It is understandable for people to be angry after losing a young man, but I ask that people keep the peace,” the home minister added.

Security has been beefed up in the Udupi and Dakshina Kannada districts to avert a breakdown in law and order. The majority of the shops and hotels in the region are closed. Because of the tension in the neighbourhood, some schools have announced a holiday.

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