7 December 2022


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Third student suicide in 2 weeks in Tamilnadu sets police probe in motion

However, after learning about the occurrence, we sent the child's body for a..

As a result of the continuous suicides among female students, Chief Minister M K Stalin today urged them to avoid any suicidal thoughts. “Whenever girls are forced to consider suicide, they should turn their difficulties into successes.” He continued by saying that anyone involved in sexual, mental, and physical harassment should face harsh punishment.

Ankur Chatterjee: A girl student allegedly committed suicide today in Tamil Nadu‘s Cuddalore district. She becomes the state’s third Class XII student to commit suicide in the last two weeks.

According to Police Inspector Karthik, the minor girl cited in a four-page suicide letter that “her incapacity to fulfil her IAS goals placed on her by her parents” led her to take such a harmful decision.

The girl’s parents are farmers, according to investigators, and they attempted to perform the funeral rites without telling the authorities. “However, after learning about the occurrence, we sent the child’s body for a post-mortem examination. A suspicious death investigation has been launched,” Sakthi Ganesan, Cuddalore district police chief, remarked

This comes only one day after a Class 12 student from Sacred Heart School in the Tiruvallur district was discovered dead in her hostel.

Cephas Kalyan, the district police chief, told yesterday that the Tiruvallur case had been transferred to the state police’s elite CB-CID wing.

The CB-CID is also looking into the death of a Class 12 student in Kallakurichi district that happened on July 13.

The student’s death at a private residential school prompted violent protests and fire, injuring several civilians, even including senior police officials.

Five persons have been arrested in the Kallakurichi case, including the school’s principal and two instructors, after police discovered a message accusing two teachers of “humiliating her for her academic performance.”

The girl’s parents, on the other hand, claimed that the crime scene showed signs of physical struggle and filed a lawsuit. Following that, the Madras High Court ordered that the autopsy be redone.

The CB-CID will also review deaths in educational institutions, according to the top court.

Concerned about the continual deaths, Chief Minister M K Stalin today urged female students to avoid suicidal thoughts. “Girls should never be forced to consider suicide. Convert your difficulties into successes “He went on to say that anybody involved in sexual, mental, and physical harassment of pupils would face severe sentence.

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