2 October 2022


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Parliament disapproves discussion on ‘Agnipath’: Rahul calls it “new experiment in PM’s laboratory”

Members of the Congress and the BSP pleaded with committee chairman Jual Oram to..

A total of 25% of the youths inducted under the Agnipath scheme will be admitted for regular duty service after four years.

Ankur Chatterjee: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi stood up and spearheaded his criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the contentious Indian Army recruitment scheme (Agnipath), stating the new experiment in the “PM’s laboratory” threatens India’s security and the future of young.

“Every year, 60,000 troops retire, with only 3,000 of them gaining government positions. What will happen to the thousands of Agniveers who are finishing their four-year contracts? With this fresh experiment in the Prime Minister’s laboratory, both the country’s security and the youth’s future are under threat,” Gandhi took to Twitter.

Youths between the ages of 17-and-a-half and 21 will be inducted for a four-year term under the Agnipath scheme, with 25% of them later admitted for regular duty.

The scheme was presented on June 14, prompting violent protests in dozens of states for nearly a week, and several opposition parties urged its repeal.

The centre, on June 16, upped the upper age limit for recruitment under the Agnipath scheme from 21 to 23 for the current year. They even went ahead and announced a slew of appeasement measures, like including a preference for Agniveers in central paramilitary forces and defence public sector undertakings upon retirement.

The Congress and Gandhi in particular have been staunchly vocal in their objection to the Centre’s Agnipath project.

Opposition members, including KC Venugopal and Uttam Kumar Reddy, stormed out of a hearing of the Parliamentary Committee on Defence on Friday in protest, claiming they were not permitted to discuss the Agnipath project.

Members of the Congress and the BSP pleaded with committee chairman Jual Oram to allow a discussion on the Agnipath initiative, claiming it had far-reaching ramifications that required parliamentary scrutiny, but were denied.

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