2 October 2022


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Mahua Maitra stands by her Maa Kali remarks, though her party condemns it

The party’s official handle in its tweet has unequivocally condemned her..

Mahua Moitra’s comments on the deity Maa Kali brings fresh wave of condemnations against her.

Ankur Chatterjee: Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Mahua Moitra’s recent remarks at the ‘India Today Conclave East 2022’ has sparked controversy. Her remarks on Goddess Kali is being construed as an insult to the sentiment of millions of Hindus who worship the deity.

When the host at the ‘India Today Conclave East 2022’ asked Moitra about the controversial film poster of “Kaali” where the deity is projected smoking, with a lgbtq+ flag in her hand, she said, “It doesn’t hurt even an inch of my sentiment. To me Maa Kali is a ‘meat-eating’ and ‘alcohol-accepting’ goddess,”

She further added, “If you go to Tarapith Temple, you’ll see what the tantriks and sadhus offer Maa Kali as ‘prasad’ and what they consume themselves. If I don’t have any qualm against those who conceive Kali as a vegetarian, but they must also not have any qualm against my version of Kali. Religion should remain in one’s personal ambit and I as a Kali worshipper will forever stand by that.”

Her comment was followed by a series of condemnations, intimidations, and protests. Bengal BJP President Sukanta Majumdar condemned Moitra’s remarks in his tweet and demanded her immediate arrest. Multiple complaints and FIR’s against her have been already filed in police stations across the country.

But what came as shocking but certainly understandable was the Trinamool Congress’ reaction to Moitra’s remarks. The party’s official handle in its tweet has unequivocally condemned her remarks on Maa Kali and has distanced from her. Many prominent TMC leaders have also expressed their disapproval with Moitraa.   

Mahua Moitra has been since obstinate with her remarks. In her recent tweet she had been critical of the BJP’s reductive and unitarian idea of Hinduism, and she claimed ready to defend her remarks in any court of law. Moitra has even unfollowed TMC’s official twitter handle.

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